Thyroid gland disorders

The scientific research of thyroid gland that has been performed for almost forty years, is the longest and most extensive one, which explains connectivity's of metabolic diseases in the organism.


Question 1:
Why do so many metabolic diseases exist at the present time and how is this related to the thyroid gland?

It begins with everyday tiredness, hair loss, teeth decay, and rapid gain in weight (obesity); later on the cardiovascular diseases will occur (high blood pressure, bad blood picture, cerebral episode), women's problems at women (menstruation disorders, cysts and tumours of breasts, ovaries and cervix, premature deliveries and miscarriages), together with osteoporosis and diabetes. At men the sexual problems, inflammation of the prostate gland, and others occur. All this relates to the thyroid gland disorders, especially its hypofunction. Minimum 90% of people, who have found something matching their condition on this long list of metabolic diseases, suffer permanently from a significant deficiency in the organic bounded iodine, which is a fundamental building material of the thyroid hormone. The most cardinal rule applies:  the more is the organism loaded, especially in a psychical way (stress), pregnancy, illness, physical strain, bad food, alcohol etc., the more is the thyroid hormone (thyroxin) increased synthesis stimulated. Since we are lacking a building material, the thyroid gland is not able to produce as much thyroxin as the organism has ordered. However, the biggest deceit is that the disease begins much earlier than it can be diagnosed; prevention is therefore very important.
Due to the increasing day-to-day stress load, speed of thinking, information pressure of media (internet, television), the accelerated response needed for enormous afflux of information from the surrounding environment, family problems, transmission of infection in the public transport or community premises, physical activity, increased sexual incentives, the organism needs a great psychological mobilisation. However, this is impossible without the neuroendocrine system operation, namely the hormonal operation of the thyroid gland. The ecologically conditioned iodine deficiency does not enable sufficiently the important thyroxins life structure (biosynthesis) realisation. Each cell contains a great amount of biochemical substances including nutrients, which can work properly (as an orchestra) only in the presence of thyroxins, which include all other hormones.
Just imagine a factory, in which a lot of people work but there is nobody to control them - chaos will break out that can disable the entire system.
The amount of hormones in blood indicates a supply of the organism and its ability to deliver it to the cell in any moment. Why? It can be explained quite easy - when wood is burning it delivers heat. Similarly, it happens to hormones. Similarly the hormone realisation - initiates the biochemical process (by which the hormone will be metabolically killed).


Question 2
Why does therefore the iodine deficiency occur?

First and foremost, almost all people in the world (excluding coastal areas and some exceptions) live in the ecologically conditioned iodine deficiency. Secondly, due to the cooking, roasting, grilling, and improper culinary preparation even that small amount of the organic bounded iodine is being destroyed. And thirdly, the inorganic form of iodine (potassium iodine) is insufficient and can be harmful when being consumed excessively.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Question 3
Why is it insufficient?

The organism must refurbish inorganic forms of iodine into the organic form through the medium of very difficult and complicated enzymatic processes. At the same time, the inorganic forms represent a final product of the iodine metabolism and their surplus is dangerous and harmful. For example, when consuming seaweeds, which contain an enormous amount of the inorganic form of iodine, the same volume can cause a hypofunction to one person and the hyperfuncion to another person. That is why it is risky and dangerous.

Question 4
How would you characterize the thyroid gland and its hormones in the endocrine system hierarchy?

Hormones of the thyroid gland are superior to all glands of internal secretion but also to all enzymatic processes in the organism. It controls the metabolism of proteins, fats, saccharides and mineral substances, and furthermore the processes of metabolism products detoxication, cells regeneration, tissues reparation, and the organism physiologic performance. The thyroid gland is like the general manager of all building, engineering, immunologic, repairing and cleaning processes. When the conductor fails, the company may also go bankrupt soon. Metabolism is similar: when the conductor fails, the defects, cysts, tumours and above mentioned diseases will come to exist. And what is very interesting, the thyroid gland hormons are responsible for the ageing rate; the laboratory experiments have demonstrated that the life of experimental animals was extended by minimum 60%.


Question 5
Can you unveil the mechanism of the hormone performance?

I will lightly simplify my description, so that more people can understand it. If a hormon does not come to each cell in the amount requested by the cell due to its own activity through the pituitary gland, nothing will be moving in the cell or enzymatic reactions will be delayed. It means, enzymes are tired, performing their tasks slowly and with errors; in consequence the medium molecular peptides are being produced, which form the basis of oncological diseases and have also a toxic impact on various organs. To cut a long story short: the rate of your thyroid gland's operativity is equivalent to the rate of your exploitation of all biologically active substances (minerals, vitamins etc.). And finaly, I would like to summarize it all in this way: by sanitation and normalisation of the thyroid gland function through the media of organic bounded iodine we eliminate the reason of all above mentioned diseases. At the present time only the consequences of these diseases are being solved (treated). I will not enter into details since it would take a very long time.


Question 6
And where have you learned all this, since we hardly have any information about the thyroid gland function?

- I am the closest fellow-worker of prof. Ing. Ivan Turianica DrSc, who has devoted almost 40 years to the thyroid gland research; nobody else in the world was engaged in such extended research. As a sole person in the world he is the holder of patent for the supplied form of organic bounded iodine, which will eliminate the iodine deficiency in food. Due to the publications of his scientic knowledge, the University of Cambridge has granted him twice the 21st century award for achievement, Diploma of honour of the international Bieographical Centre, Cambridge, England 2004, 2008/2000, and for several consecutive years he ranks among the world's 2,000 best scientists.
At the present time we elaborate a programme for women, who are most afflicted with these disorders.